La Rochere story

  • La Rochere story

Founded in 1475, La Rochere is the oldest glass factory still in production today in Europe.

La Rochere glassware is made at very high temperatures and is famous for it's uniquely clear glass, elegant style and sturdiness.

 Products are obtained by melting at high temperature around 1450 degrees Celsius, a mixture of sand, soda, and lime to create glass.

Various other elements are added to refine and improve brilliance to create heavy-duty glassware (safe in the dishwasher or microwave) that's perfect for every day.

La Rochere collections are timeless classic and include the iconic Napoleonic bee (inspired by a set of glassware owned by Napoleon during his reign as King of France), the Dragonfly, Lyon (this design dates back to the middle ages from Lyon, a major silk trading centre in France; the drapers each had wine goblets that they used to hang from their waist with this tear drop design), Perigord, Lys, Versailles, Artois, Ouessant, Belle ile and more designs.

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